15″ Pewter T Hinge. Ref 33791

Overall Size: 387mm x 122mm
Fixing Plate: 122mm x 25mm
Hinge Arm: 340mm

SKU: 33791

£43.35 ex VAT


These T Hinges have a ‘Gothic shaped’ pointed end and is one of our most popular choices for hanging ledged and braced/plank doors.

They are hot forged i.e. drawn to shape, not welded or fabricated and with the knuckle being fashioned in the traditional way it makes for a very strong product.

The traditional way of choosing a hinge size means it should reach two thirds of the way across the door but providing it reaches at least half way across it should carry the weight of most doors with no problems. For especially heavy doors a third hinge can be used (three on one door).

Sold as a set and supplied with necessary fixing screws.

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